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        Shanghai NanYang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise located at Jiuting Town, Songjiang District of Shanghai. It is a manufacturer designated by the Ministry of Railway of the P.R.C, CHINA Sate Shipbuilding Corporation to produce cables and wires for them. Founded in 1993, it has 52,380m2 of land, 48,600m2 of floor area, RMB 55 million worth of fixed assets,and an annual production and sale of about 50,000km length of various cables and wires. It has 13 double layer co-extrusion continuous vulcanization cross-linking production lines (CCV), 3 rubber internal mixing production lines and other relatively advanced production equipment in China. Its 8 extrusion production lines can produce the special cables and wires whose diameters range from 0.2mm2 to 630mm2, maximum OD can be up to 80mm, core numbers range from 1 to 64, long-term application temperature of their rubber, plastic, cross-linking polyolefin insulation and sheath can range from 65 to 150 and low temperature resistibility can be as lowas-45. Its products comply with the national, international and industrial standards on different performance requirements such as heat, cold, weather and oil resisting, flame retarding, low smoke and free of halogen. The key products of this company include train cables for the rail transportation (railway train), ship cables and mine cables, etc. Its main products are elevator cable, rubber sheathed cable, electric welder cable, low temperature wind power cable, motor lead, photoelectric equipment cable and the cables for other electric appliances. Its ship cable has won the factory certificates from CCS, GL, ABS, LR, DNV and BV, as well as the product 2pfG1169 certificate from TUV. Its railway train cable, rubber sheathed cable, motor lead, elevator cable and PVC insulated cable have received the 3Ccertificate (China Com0pulsory Certificate). Its train cable has received the CRCC certificate of the Ministry of Railway of the P.R.C. Its elevator flat cable port machinery cable and PVC flexible cable have obtained the EU CE approval. Its rubber flexible cable has passed the VDE series certification and the Export License of Shanghai Electric & Machinery Products. The company started exporting in bulk its UL rubber sheathed flexible cables to the US market in year 2000, and the exporting volume has been increasing year by year. The company has been a longstanding supplier of the railway transportation (railway locomotive) train cables specially to the locomotive (railway transportation) factories nationwide and the technical performances and quality levels of these cables meet the UIC 895 Specifications and AARS501 standards. The company started in 2006 to develop the high-tech and new railway transportation cable, which has been adopted by china’s first generation of 200Km and 300Km/hour High-speed Motor Train Units. Meanwhile, it has tried developing the low smoke-emission and halogen-free subway cables in compliance with the European environment standards to be adopted by Guangzhou Metro and Shanghai Metro. The bunched cable flame retarding performance of its independently-developed full series of ship power cable, ship communication cable and ship control cable has achieved the level A while its low smoke-emission and halogen-free ship cable, low smoke, halogen-free and flame retarding naval vessel cable are very popular among the users. The naval vessel cable is an item of Shanghai High & New Technology Achievement Transformation. In addition, the mass production of its new generation cable products such as low smoke-emission and halogen-free round/flat elevator cables, nuclear power generation cable has started and the products have been launched into the market. The special port machine cable developed independently by this company has been used by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. and has been exported worldwide with its machines;  it has replaced the imported cables completely. Its management has set up an effective QA and environment protection system and it obtained the quality certificate of ISO 9002-94 standard system in 1996,the quality certificate of ISO 9001-2000 standard system in November 2002 and the environment protection certificate of ISO14001-2004 standard system in 2006. This company has a central lab which complete instruments, where the tests of physical/mechanical performance, electric insulation performance, heat/oxygen aging, one/bunched cable(s) flame retarding/fireproofing, rubber vulcanization, finished product winding, smoke/halogen inspection and detection as the physical/chemical detection of the conductor, plastic and chemical materials can be conducted so as to ensures the stability of its product quality. For successive 7 years from 2001 to 2007, this company was awarded with the title of “Songjiang Excellent Private Enterprise”. This company focuses on its innovation efforts and has applied for 13 patents for its products by now; wherein, 7 products including the special port machine cables and train cables have obtained the utility model patent from SIPO. This company has always been committed to making Shanghai Nan Yang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. A new and high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and it was granted the title of Shanghai New & High-tech Enterprise in December 2007.

The goal of this company for the year 2008 is to achieve RMB 800 million worth of sales, among which RMB 200 million should be derived from export. Its goal for the next 5 years is to achieve RMB 1.5 million worth of sales gradually, among which USD 100 million should be derived form export.