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The course of development:

In May of 1993, Nan Yang Electrical Appliance Co. was established. Nan Yang is the designated professional cables and wires enterprise of Ministry of Railways and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Production of Nan Yang sells to all parts of China. In 1995, Nan Yang established the full equipped center-testing laboratory, which could process the whole examinations to maintain the quality of productions. In 1996, Nan Yang finished its second expansion. Also in same year, Nan Yang got ISO 9002 quality system certification and quality license of exporting electromechanical products. Ship cables have already got the Chinese Ship Classification Societies Enterprise’s Certificate, German Lloyd 's Ship Classification Society’s Certificate, America Ship Classification Society Certificate and United Kingdom Ship Classification Society Certificate. (rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V) was Recognized Marking of ‘Great Wall’ by Chinese Electrical Commission.

Number of employees: 470 People

Fixed assets:  55,000,000RMB

Floor space:  52380sq.m.

Building area: 48600sq.m.